baby baptism picture

Christening is a very important part of our lives.   Christening ceremony to you child.  It makes the occasion just that much more special.
Instead of crawling all over the internet and stores trying to find the matching clothes for your child, you can simply chose the ones that already have been reviewed by many people here.

This is truly a once in a lifetime occasion for your child, and it deserves that special attention.  Choosing a lovely clothes for your baby’s Baptism ceremony will provide a lasting impression for all the family and friends who attended to guide them throughout their lives.

Some of you may choose to do a full submersion in water for your child baptism ceremony.  Some of you may choose to do a baptismal pouring of holy water on their forehead.  Regardless of the option you chose, you will be able to find the one that suits your needs here.  We also have a page for Choosing a Christening Gown, and also another page for Preserving a Christening Gown to provide you with additional guidance.

We are excited that you came to us to celebrate this joyous occasion.  In Christ’s name, we wish you all the blessing in the world.